We provide CERT2 and Diabetes risk (dScore) measurements

Zora technology is based on more than fifteen years of mass spectrometry experience. We analyze clinical trials with our validated platforms.

Cardiovascular Risk Test, CERT2, can be utilized for analyzing cardiovascular clinical trials to provide new information on cardiovascular risk.

The CERT2 read-out will give a better correlation of outcomes and cardiovascular risk, and the treatment effects. Also, running your trial sample on CERT2 may reveal responder subgroups and in some cases rescue a compound that did not meet its end points when evaluated only using classical clinical measures.

If you would like to have a CERT2 and /or Diabetes Scores for your clinical samples, whether serum or plasma please be in touch with us for a quote and aliquoting and shipping instruction.


How will my samples be analyzed

You will be provided with an excel consisting of concentrations of seven molecular lipid species and the tabulated cardiovascular risk score and optionally the diabetes risk score if certain baseline data have been provided in advance for each patient.

Contact us with the form below or send email to: info@zora.fi