CERT2 is a Ceramide based Cardiovascular Risk Score which represents the next-generation in CVD risk assessment.

CERT2 enhances traditional lipid-based risk assessment reflecting both lipid and inflammatory related risk. CERT2 unravels hidden risk in healthy individuals as well as in CVD patients, and identifies residual risk in individuals on lipid-lowering therapy.


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CERT2 is a Ceramide based Cardiovascular Risk Score

  • Improves traditional lipid-based risk assessment and unravels hidden risk.
  • Reflects both lipid and inflammatory related risk.
  • Identifies a hidden risk in individuals not known to have coronary artery disease or elevated cholesterol levels.
  • Identifies residual risk in CVD patients.
  • Identifies residual risk in individuals believed to be on optimal lipid lowering therapy.

dScore is a ceramide-based type II diabetes risk score

  • dScore addresses ceramide mediated insulin resistance and fat versus muscle composition to give more accurate risk of type II diabetes onset.



CERT2 Predicts the risk for cardiovascular disease events:

  • Cardiovascular death
  • Non-fatal and fatal myocardial infarction
  • Stroke
  • Heart failure
  • MACE: Major adverse cardiovascular events

dScore estimates person’s probability to develop type II diabetes over the next ten years


CERT2 Indications

  • Cardiovascular patients
  • ACS patients
  • Healthy population

Publications on CERT2 and ceramides

In clinical use

Tests are available in clinical practice as specified below and both tests worldwide for all researchers through Zora’s reference laboratory.

CERT2 is available:

  • In Finland: through Zora partners (dScore also provided)
  • United States: Mayo Medical Laboratories
  • United States: Quest Diagnostics (upcoming)
  • China: upcoming