Coronary Event Risk Test available in Finland through United Medix Laboratories

Ceramides, Coronary Event Risk Test, CERT

Coronary Event Risk Test, CERT, is a new diagnostic test for evaluation of risk of heart attack and CVD-related death.

CERT-test measures risk of heart attack and CVD-related death more accurately than currently rountinely used laboratory tests. United Medix Laboratories offers the CERT-test first in Finland.  CERT can be ordered from a healthcare service company, Terveystalo, starting from October 17, 2016.

The test is suitable for everyone who is concerned on their heart health. However, CERT-test is especially good for the following patient groups:

1) Persons having family history of cardiovascular diseases or persons being at risk of coronary artery disease.

2) Coronary artery disease patients. The increased risk of heart attack or cvd-death, may lead to treatment optimization, increase of follow-up visits or consideration of potential invasive treatment.

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Zora is excited on the collaboration with UML and is looking forward to all the possibilities it brings.