Zora Biosciences Pushing Ceramide Testing to Assess Cardiovascular Risk

Zora Biosciences is working to expand US and European sales of its ceramide lipid-based cardiovascular risk test, CERT.

New York based media house 360dx published an article about Zora and CERT-test.

The editor interviewed Mayo Clinic cardiologist Stephen Kopecky. He mentioned that he uses CERT-test basically on all patients that he sees. Cert-test brings new insight to the cardiovascular risk compared to the traditional biomarkers.  Kopecky mentions he typically orders an initial ceramide test, with a follow up at three months and then annual follow ups, provided a patient is at their target level.

To expand the use of the test, Zora is working to expand US and European sales of the CERT. In addition to cardiovascular risk, Zora is working on a metabolomic test for ovarian cancer.

Read the whole article here: https://www.360dx.com/mass-spec/zora-biosciences-pushing-ceramide-testing-assess-cardiovascular-risk#.XGZs56IzbmE